Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word. Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them. Acts 8:4-5 

Late fall 1974 and our church in Zaragoza was going through revival – again! God was moving mightily among us with salvations happening almost daily. Our brothers who came down from Germany (temporary duty – TDY) would be at the base for 90 days and then return home. The next group of brothers that came down would search us out rejoicing at what God was doing in our group. 

Young men getting saved and sharing the Gospel at every chance! Teens ministered to their peers and led them to Christ! What a time! What a blessing! God was moving and man it was a great time to be alive (physically and alive in Christ!)! 

One afternoon as I was getting off from work, one of my supervisors came and asked me if I would volunteer to go to a base in Southern Spain, Moron Air Base, which was a joint Navy/Air force radar installation.  

I told him I didn’t want to leave because our church was in revival (he was a self-admitted Baptist, but his life-style didn’t evidence it, so he knew what I was talking about). He just turned away to ask someone else and I went back to my room in the dorm. 

A few days later he stopped me again and asked me, “Smitty, do you want to go TDY to Moron?” In my brain I said, “No thanks! We are still in revival! I don’t want to leave!” But to my amazement, my voice said, “Yes, I’ll go there.” 

What?!?!??! True to my word, I loaded up my light blue, VW bug and headed south to my new base. In that timeframe, Moron Air Base was about 125 permanent party (enlisted and officers) and about an equal number of dependents. 

Shortly after arriving there, I began asking God to show me some believers so I could have fellowship. One afternoon after getting off of work, I went to the Post Office to check mail and I looked at the bulletin board for announcements and there was a 3X5 index card announcing a Bible study in the town. 

I was excited! A brother I wanted to meet and some fellowship! Put my guitar and Bible in the bug and off I went. No map, no GPS, just an address. It took me a little longer than I planned on but I got there and knocked on the door. 

A young man (younger than my 22 years old!) greeted me and smiled when I told him I had seen his card on the base. He invited me in to his home where I met his wife too (believe it or not, I cannot recall their names!). 

I sat on the floor (back in the day when I could get up without needing a chain hoist and 3 or 4 men to lift me up) and broke out the guitar and we sang a couple scripture songs and then I shared that I was saved only about a year. They told me that they were so newly saved, they didn’t hardly know what it meant! They had given their lives to Jesus, as a couple, just a few days before they moved to Spain! 

I don’t remember how long I visited, but they wanted to know every single thing I knew about Jesus! I finally went home that night (or early morning, who knew?) and I was on a spiritual high! Wow – ain’t God good? 

We visited very often and they introduced me to a couple other brothers and we had great fellowship! But, none of them had been saved very long so I got squeezed! They wanted to know what I knew! Then they began to invite others from the base and WE HAD REVIVAL!!! 

Sometime after I returned to Zaragoza, word came to Pastor Ron that over ½ of the people at the base had become saved! To the glory of God! He squeezed me and I sang and played and told them what I knew about the Savior – and God moved and continued to move well past the time when I had left. 

No coincidences! Has God put you somewhere that people are “squeezing” you? Then tell them what you know about Jesus! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been saved 20 years or just a couple months, tell them what Jesus did for you! 

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