Under the authority of the Desert Hills Baptist Church, the mission of the Security & Safety Ministry is toprotect and serve Senior Pastor Hocker, staff, as well as congregation and church property by providing a safe and secure environment for all Desert Hills Baptist Church ministries, where God can be worshipped and glorified. This ministry serves during all services and special events hosted by The Desert Hills Baptist Church on or off site.


Your DHBC Security and Safety Team members are working very hard behind the scenes to protect the various assets of the church, especially the most valuable asset ….. you! Each member of the Security Team is committed to ensuring the safety of each person visiting Desert Hills Baptist Church, providing security-related assistance whenever needed.

Although the Security Team members are trained in the prevention and detection of crime, we need your support. Please help us protect what God has provided to us by reporting all suspicious activity to a member of the Security Team or DHBC staff.


The DHBC Security and Safety Team members work hard to prepare for any medical emergencies, such as injuries or illnesses, that might arise during DHBC activities. We stock a list of supplies and equipment that will assist us in meeting those needs.  

If you have any special needs that we are unaware of, please contact a member of our team and let us know how we can further support you or your family.

Church Policy concerning Disruptive and Disorderly Behavior

Desert Hills Baptist Church retains the right to invite any person or group, which is deemed disruptive to our orderly congregation; fellowship and worship, to leave the premises.  This policy will preface a polite invitation by one of our security staff. If this is refused, another request similar to the first will be made. If upon the second request the disruptive individual or group still refuses the invitation, security will then inform the individual or group that the authorities will be called and they may have to forcibly remove the individual or group.
Disruptive or disorderly conduct is to include, but not limited to, loud out burst, pan handling, aggressive behavior, stealing, sleeping in worship, and drunkenness.

If you have any special needs that we are unaware of, please contact member of our team and let us know how we can further support you or your family.