Prayer Request

Mario Bonny Smith, June 16, 2021 - 5:55 pm

Had a fall yesterday. Was coming out of Bonny’s doctor’s office using my cane going down two steps. As I got to the pavement my left leg was growing extremely weak so Bonny gave me her cane. Even with both canes I could not stand up straight or walk.

My left leg would not support me so I did a slow roll on my left shoulder as I fell. Bonny ran inside to get help, a couple men passing by helped me sit up. The doctor came out with a chair and then helped lift me onto it and then brought my car over and helped me get inside it.

It was as if there was no muscle or power in the left leg. By the time I got home it was better but I still had to hold on to the cane and the railing to go up my 4 steps to the porch and then inside.

I have road rash on the left elbow and knee and Bonny said I have a fairly large bruise on the midline to left side of my back.

Seeing doc next Friday