Prayer Request

Senior Adults Class, March 31, 2021 - 10:45 am

Our Country, our church, Leadership, Members, OUr Way of Life , Own individual spiritual walks, our unsaved loved ones

Modesta–in hospital rehab; decision as to going to residential rehab or home with 24 hour a day care will be made on the 30th

Brian Warren is in constant pain with his neck and back

Linda Selby is scheduled for 2 tests in April for kidneys and growth on face

Karlene that she will fully recover from Covid soon

Yollie will see the doctor on April 6 to see about for date for surgery to remove benign turmor—which is not cancerous

Bob has surgery on his shoulder on March 31

Dave Fenter is not doing well; they are preparing to move back to Texas; his
cell number is 702-366-4277 and Brenda’s is 702-292-9103

Barbara Harper—for a date to have her very much need back surgery

Eileen- Friend Paul Smith is having open heart surgery tomorrow to repair or replace his mitral valve.

GA’s dear friends in NC—He has another small brain tumor; he will begin
radiation treatments on Monday at Duke University Hospital.

GA’s brother and sister in law will visit another Baptist Church next Sunday;
again this week, the church they visit had a short sermon without use of Scripture

Our youth living in a hostile world.

Safety of our Adult Men Flag football team!!!!!!