Prayer Request

Office DHBC, November 14, 2020 - 2:11 pm


Yollie Henson sees the oncologist tomorrow.

Marilyn Gordon’s brother and his family, he and daughter have covid.

Gloria Johnson has stage 3 cancer.

Shirley Dean fell and broke ribs, in a lot of pain.

Karlene Fisher’s oncologist wants additional tests.

Daisy Jiminez – house situation, deciding where to move or what to do.

Virginia Anderson – waiting on her PET Scan report.

John Furrow – stomach problems.

Barbara Harper – a co-worker, Alejandro is on ventilator has Covid.

Edith Morales – her sister Rosie, to come to church with her, she is catholic.

Ashlee Montague – grandmother has cancer.

Carrie Conlin – husband Todd, his health and disability case.

Madison Rodriquez – her mom Kasey.

Linda Selby’s legs.

Edith Reynolds’ health.

Travis Young – for him and his family, to eliminate negativity.

Our Country, Leadership, and Honesty.

People who are alone during the holidays and those who are depressed.