The following ministers are licensed to wed in the state of Nevada at DHBC:
Lead Pastor: R. Scott Hocker
Associate Pastor: Roger Johnson
Weddings are usually reserved for members of DHBC only, however,
each minister is autonomous and able to perform ceremonies at their discretion.
All parties Bride/Groom must meet with the minister willing to consider officiating
said ceremony, within a reasonable amount of time before the proposed date of ceremony.
At that time, a discussion will take place as to possible pre-marraige counseling. If agreed upon,
only after counseling sessions are complete will dates be set.
Church use will be limited to Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays.
The church has policies every minister must abide by.
Please download and print off church policies if the church building is required. As an act of good faith,
sign a copy to leave with DHBC staff, that all policies were read and understood.
All media must be approved and tested one week prior to ceremony.
DHBC reserves the right to cancel any and all ceremonies at all times.
If after reading and downloading these policies, you have further questions,
please feel free to call the church office: (702) 451-2100
As DHBC has grown we have found it necessary to put into writing our policies concerning matters such as these.
This policy will be printed out and signed as a gesture of agreement before any functions proceed to the planning stage.
Please Click Here to download, print and sign Wedding Policy.
Thank you for your understanding.
Pastor Scott Hocker,
DHBC Lead Pastor
For more information, please contact us: