Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Psalm 66:1 

          Fishing trip over, packed up and headed back to the church. Some of the men asked if I would like to stay for choir practice and I said, “Sure!” They all went home, showered and changed clothes. 

          The rest of the choir began to show up and I was introduced to Hank’s wife, Sharon, who was the choir director. The men returned, fresh and clean, and we went inside for the practice. 

          Now think about it, here I am after two days of fishing, sitting by a campfire, clothes smelling like I’d been fishing for two days, and the brothers and sisters in the choir, including Sister Fern Johnson (Pastor’s wife) just loved me. They didn’t say anything about how I looked or smelled. All they knew is that I was saved and had a heart to sing! 

          We, Christians, are called to sing and to sing loud – the praises of our Lord and Savior! We are to make a joyful noise! We are to make melody in our hearts (Ephesians 5:18-19) using our voices and instruments! 

          How did my life change? Were it not for that church loving me, I wouldn’t have been in the choir and found a place to worship with like-minded believers. I wouldn’t have heard the Zamar Singers in the Spring of 1976 and watched “Young” Dan Johnson on the top riser praising the Lord. That was my kind of choir! 

          I wouldn’t have been encouraged by Pastor Earl to think about going to Eugene Bible College and I wouldn’t have met Dr. Don Bryan, the President of EBC, at the Men’s Retreat in Chico Hot Springs, MT where he mentioned I should come out and check out EBC (which in September of ’76 I loaded up my stuff and showed up at the school ready to register – surprise!). 

          I wouldn’t have met my future wife, Bonny Donnor, in the Zamar Singers, got engaged and later married.  

          All because of a fishing trip, a choir, and a church who loved me. 

          No coincidences for the child of God in the Kingdom of God! 

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