Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.Hebrews 4:16 

          When I was a contract hand to Gulf Oil in North West Bay, in Louisiana, we were paid weekly and every Tuesday instead of dropping us off at our house or apartment, Ray (the gang “Pusher”) we would go to the office and pick up our paychecks. 

          We would laugh and joke with each other as we waited our turn (there were several work gangs in the office at the same time) to get our paychecks. Knowing some of the men in the other gangs we would tease them with the expression, “You got to back up to get your check!”.  

Meaning you were lazy and didn’t do a full week’s worth of work so you had to sneak up and not let the office folk see your face. That would be embarrassing, but it was all in good fun because working in the oil field was no joke! 

So, when I say I’ve never backed up to take my paycheck, I am saying I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of the work I’m being paid for. I didn’t have to hang my head, mumble my name, or scuff my toe in the dirt and take my check as if I was undeserving. 

No! I worked hard for that money! Up before 5 to catch the van at 6, ride out to the “work house” and then to the work barge. Moving pipe, screwing on flanges, “t’s”, “el’s”, swedges (to reduce a 2½” pipe to 2”), unions, and valves. All with a 36” steel pipe wrench that weighed close to 20 pounds! 

No embarrassment! No shame! I earned that money! 

In the scripture above, the writer of Hebrews, was addressing Jews – not Jewish believers! In the chapter the author reminds them that Jesus is now the Great High Priest – and in New Testament times only the High Priest had access to the most Holy of Holies. 

Now that Jesus had become our High Priest, things were different! Now we have a High Priest Who shares our every infirmity, Who had been tested of every temptation – Yet never committed a sin! 

And now, because of His sacrifice we who believe and trust in Him have access to the very Throne of God! And the Christian has the privilege to come BOLDLY before God. When the theologian Martin Luther was brought before the Diet of Worms and demanded that he recant, it is credited to him as saying, at the end of his defense, “Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”   

Now that was bold! But we are privileged in that we “don’t have to backup to get a paycheck!” We do not stand before that throne of Grace, groveling on our knees, tell the Lord how unworthy we are (because He made us worthy!), hanging our heads in shame. 

No! Come boldly – and that doesn’t mean we act like we deserve to be there with haughtiness or pride – but confidence in Jesus our High Priest! His blood sacrifice has made entry to God’s throne for us! And at that throne of Grace we get grace, obtain it!  

(Strong’s says this about obtain:  

To take  

  1. to take with the hand, lay hold of, any person or thing in order to use it  
    1. to take up a thing to be carried  
    2. to take upon one’s self  
  2. to take in order to carry away  
    1. without the notion of violence, i,e to remove, take away  


      You know what I like? “. . . in order to use it” We are to “get” grace 

      that we might use it! Use grace! Dispense grace! Lay ahold of grace! 

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