But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows. Luke 12:7 


          I was sitting at home watching TV when my VA PA called me. I had just undergone a CT-scan of my lower abdomen to check my kidneys, gall bladder and other organs at the VA hospital in Salt Lake City.  

          “Hey Walter, how are you?” I asked. 

          “I’m okay Mario. Are you sitting down?” 

          “Yes, what’s up?” Suddenly my stomach felt like I was in an elevator and just dropped a dozen floors. Bonny was sitting beside me and she looked at me with a quizzical look on her face. 

          “You have an aneurysm on your right common iliac. That’s the artery below your belly button on the right side. The hospital wants you to come down for another CT as soon as you can make it.” 

          My heart sank. It was bad enough that I had gone through two knee replacements in just that past year and now they were talking something really serious!  

          When my dad’s aneurysm was discovered in the middle of a CT it was so serious that many white coats came running into the room to talk with him. His was on the right side as well, but it was on the femoral artery and (having seen a copy of the scan) it looked like a ball of twine about the size of a baseball. 



I Kings 22 


          I worked for a county as a youth Case Manager and I got an information report that one of the kids had attacked one of my staff. When I asked the staff member what happened he said this, “____ wanted to know why none of the girls at the facility would date him and I told him, ‘Maybe they don’t like you.’ When I said that he started hitting me and yelling, ‘That’s not the answer I wanted!’.” 


          Go ahead and laugh – even the staff that had been hurt did! Many times, people ask a question and they aren’t satisfied with the answer they get, much like the youngster in my story. Sometimes, like kids with do, they will ask one person and the answer is not what they wanted, so they will go to someone else and ask, hoping for approval. 

          Growing up my brother and I would use triangulation on my parents. “Julian, Mama likes you better than me so you ask her if we can go. I’ll ask Daddy cuz I’m pretty sure he likes me. Then which ever parent says, ‘yes’ if we get caught, we can say, ‘Daddy said it was okay!’.”