Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. I Corinthians 11:1 

Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children. Ephesians 5:1 

I developed a talent in my 20’s. I found that I could imitate people! I could talk and sound like Ed Sullivan (“Who was he Grandpa?”), several of my supervisors (in the Air Force), college professors and some past presidents. 

And, yes, there were times when I embarrassed myself. Many times! I would go into my act and my fellow troops and friends would laugh and then suddenly get quiet. Did I catch a clue? Oh, no, not Mario! I just it louder not realizing that the supervisor had walked up behind me. 

One of professors came up behind me as I was imitating him for the class, “So, I said to myself, ‘Self’ . . .” at which time he said, “So, Mario, what did I say to myself?” Then the class broke up. 

On the other hand, many times, when I would play and sing music from Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, or John Denver, people would comment that I sounded just like them. That was a great compliment as I did try to imitate them. 

Sandwich cookies with “creme” in the middle. Care to guess what the “creme” is not? We’re not talking the French word for cream, either! (As in crème with the accent mark over the “e”!) 

“Wood look laminate”. Okaaaay. 

Krab. “It tastes like real crab!” Uh, no it doesn’t! 

(You will love this!) flavored textured soy flour to imitate the flavor and crunchy texture (I’ll tell you later, unless you’ve already guessed!). 

There many verses in the Word where we, Christians, are told to either follow Christ or, in Paul’s case, follow him AS he followed Christ. The Greek word for “followers” is mimetes, where we get our word “mime” from and it means, “an imitator”.

Now what better thing could we do than to imitate our Lord? 

Soy flour becomes, drum roll please! Imitation bacon bits.

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