Cassettes, videos, pictures. If your father is still alive – record moments with him! I believe I’ve told the story of Bonny and I going to visit our friends Matt and Mona Slover. Whenever we would go, I would bring my guitar and Matt and I would sit down and play the old ballads, hymns and other church songs we knew. 

          We came up to their place one time and their son, seeing my guitar, said, “Are you guys going to sing and play again?” I told him this, “You might want to record this because there will come a day when you will want to hear your dad sing and he won’t be here.” 

          I don’t know if he ever did record us and so far, Matt is still here. Somewhere in a box, I have a cassette tape of Matt and I singing. If I find it, I will send a copy to Matt and one to both of his sons. 

          After my father passed, my brother was going through things at the house and found a cassette tape from 1979/80 when Bonny and I had gone up to New Hampshire to visit the family. This tape was made by my mother and all four of us boys were there and we were in the “Florida Room” over the double car garage. 

          Julian took the tape and transferred it to a CD and sent the family members copies. We were all singing the old Gospel songs; Amazing Grace, Church in the Wildwood, I’ll Fly Away and many others. 

          I can hear my father singing bass (Daddy is gone). I can hear my oldest brother, Michael (he has since passed away) singing and playing the guitar. I can hear my youngest brother, Jonathan (who has also passed away) singing. I can hear my mother telling us boys what to sing next (she has gone on). 

          I can hear myself and Julian singing (sometimes harmonizing) and I hear our guitars playing as well. 

          I can hear them! I can hear my father’s rich bass voice and it brings a rush of memories back. And I am grateful for the man he was. 

          So, my admonition is this; make memories! Takes pics of you and your dad! Take videos! Make time to make memories! They may not always be around. 

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