Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.II Timothy 4:2 

          My pastor, Sam Flanagan, and I were invited to go to Haiti by a missionary our church supported there. So, after service one evening we got into my car and headed out for Miami, FL from Buras, LA. 

          We stopped for coffee and a meal in Slidell, LA (it was about 9 at night) and talked about the trip while we were waiting for our food. A couple of young ladies came in and sat in the booth directly behind ours. Sam and I were excited about our trip and we talked about what it would be like. 

          Our food arrived and we began eating and one of the women started talking a little louder with things like, “What I really need to do is to find a REAL man!” (Her emphasis). Her friend kept trying to quiet her but she kept on with what kind of man she wanted . . . somewhat explicitly. 

          We got up from our meal and as we were going to pay Sam turned and faced the lady and told her, “I know what kind of man you need.” 

          “Oh really? What kind of man do I need?” as she looked up and answered, then she smiled really big at Sam. 

          Sam opened his Bible and began to tell her she needed Jesus. The big smile went away and at that point the friend started saying, “I knew it! I knew it!” She had also told her friend, “Don’t do it!” but the lady had not paid her any attention. 

          Sam shared salvation verses with her (I was in praying mode) and although she did not accept Christ (even though Sam offered) she no doubt had to think about what took place. Her friend, meanwhile, kept nodding her head at what Sam was testifying to. 

          Having been Sam’s assistant pastor for a few years, I knew this was commonplace with him. When an opportunity presented itself, Sam would welcome it and begin to share the Gospel with people. 

          That is the essence of the verse above. Paul was encouraging his young protégé to be aware of opportunities and to use those opportunities to preach the salvation and grace of our Lord Jesus. 

          Watch for them yourself! 

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