In 1987, Bonny and I worked for a janitorial firm in Eugene, OR and we cleaned the first 2 floors of a business building that held a multi-national food business. I have written before (“I Bring Messiah”) of some of the people we met as we cleaned their offices. 

          Two people, Mr. R. Plant and Miss M. Bible were preparing for their wedding in the summer. I was cleaning her office and she and R were talking how the singer for their wedding had bowed out (this was only a week or so before the wedding) and they didn’t know anyone who could sing the song. 

          I asked them what song they were having done and they said it was The Lord’s Prayer. I told them I was vocally trained and would be glad to do it. I gave them an impromptu demonstration and they were excited and very happy that I would do it for them. 

          They were getting married on a Saturday (The First Christian Church in Eugene, OR complete with many stained-glass windows and a very large pipe organ) so they had the practice on Friday afternoon.  

          When the minister arrived, it was a surprise!! I had asked them who was conducting the service and they said it was a pastor friend of theirs, Pastor Johnson. Come to find out it was Dan Johnson that I had gone to college with in 76/77! 

          He looked at me and said, “What are you doing here?!?!?” And I replied, “I’m singing ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, what are YOU doing here?!?!?” Dan said, “I’m conducting the service!” 

          After the practice, we enjoyed catching up with each other and what we had been doing over the past 10 years. Although we lost contact with each other for a while, before Bonny’s dad passed away (2016) he told us that he was attending a church in West Seattle and that we might know the senior pastor, Dan Johnson! 

          Of course, we know him! We called and caught up, again, and through Dad’s death Dan ministered to us (Bonny especially). 

          There are no coincidences for the Child of God! 

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