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Posted by:GLEN
5/19/2018 10:24:01 AM
Our Prayer:
LORD, once again precious lives have been senselessly taken. We weep with the families who are grieving and ask that you hold them in your loving arms. May they find the comfort and peace that only you can give as they mourn the tragic loss of their loved one. In Jesus' Name, we pray. Amen
5/11/2018 7:27:36 AM
Lord please put Your showing me what to do so i clearly understand. Thank You Lord.
5/10/2018 12:46:50 PM
Please keep my family in prayer.
5/10/2018 12:04:12 PM
5/8/2018 2:18:37 AM
I have a friend Gary who lives at Bonanza Pines Senior Apartments. I don't know his last name, but he's on dyalisis and just went into the hospital. Please remember him in prayer.
5/7/2018 3:56:59 PM
Dear church, i pray for the salvation of my husband and the spiritual growth of my daughters. Thank you.
5/7/2018 11:40:09 AM
Carmen Johnson must remain in the hospital until the baby is born. They are hoping to keep him in the womb as long as possible but have a minimum goal of another 3-4 weeks. He isn't due for over 2 months. Pray for childcare of their other 2 children and for Wanda as she travels almost 3 hours regularly to care for them. Pray for God's financial provision, His comfort and support, and safety of all of them through this time. In Jesus' name. Thank you.
5/5/2018 3:20:26 PM

Kim Gillespie – her sister Micki has an MRI scheduled to rule out pancreatic or liver cancer, they found spot on her liver.

John Furrow – healing for a spot on his ear.

Marie Baumgartner’s daughter Dawna – her health problems.

Karlene Fisher’s grandson and his wife are going into rehab again, also for Karlene’s new quilting class for some ladies in the church.

Larry Miles – unspoken.

Darrell Jackson – prayers that his car is fixed soon.

Nancy Phillips’ - pray for her grandson for a job.

Jean Drury - she had a shot in her eye for the macular degeneration.

Ray and Joy Bryant - they are not moving to the Veterans home in Boulder City, they want to keep their home, prayers for them.

Judy Alexander – prayers as she will be moving to New York with her daughter at the end of this month.

GeorgeAnn Rice – someone she works with, Bob Whaley, lives in DC and he is having knee replacement surgery and GeorgeAnn asked for prayers on his behalf.

Pastor Scott & Kim.

Pastor Roger & Shirley.

Staff, leadership, teachers, volunteers here at

Our Country and it's leadership.
5/2/2018 7:21:56 PM
Hi, Please Pray that I’m able to Retain my study information for my Test tomorrow, To work Full time at LVMPD! Please pray I Do Well and that it’s God’s will! Thank you Family!! Love you guys!
5/1/2018 9:32:42 AM

Don Furrow - brother Mike had surgery today in Seattle, lasted 3 hours, but all went well.

John Furrow - has health issue with his ear.

Donna Curry – her sister and family in CA, health and addictions.

Kim Whitney – her mom, Maria, that her cancer is contained and no suffering.

Mona Reyes – her daughter Stephanie, to bring her back home.

Shannon Ackerman – had procedure done on Monday, Good report.

Nikki Bently-Barnes – (Griefshare) – she lost her husband on April 1, prayers for strength to make it through this time.

Eileen Andersen – problem with her heart valve, she is concerned about the necessity for surgery in the late summer.

Cecil Payne – continues with tests. On May 1 will see a surgeon and final recommendations will be made.

Jean Drury - has eye injection on Thursday and chemo treatment on Friday.

Linda Johnson - her son Robert not doing well.

Karlene Fisher - her grandson needs prayers.

Susan Rainey - her brother had a car accident, caused a heart attack and now has pneumonia.

Yvette - has added 12 more people to her ministry prayer group.

Nancy Phillips - her grandson needs a job.

Vivian - her daughter needs a job.

Jim Rice - his granddaughter needs a job.
5/1/2018 7:16:35 AM
Lord Thank You for all things You show me every day may I see everything you send to me. May I also praise You for all.
4/30/2018 7:12:30 AM
Lord I thank You for our time we get to spend with You. Please help me with the decisions that I have to do. I thank You for what You have done for me.
Thank You Lord.
4/29/2018 11:39:13 AM
Lord I humbly ask that You help me make the right decisions and also to please good reports from the doctors for my family and myself. Thank You Lord.
4/28/2018 2:47:17 PM
Gracious Pastor Scott Hocker may I humbly make request once again prayer request about North Korea? About 3 months ago I asked you to pray...I was much thankful for you last time, would you now I ask of you and people of church please pray for...

- Human experimentation process -
Inside North Korean concentration camps, prisoners are using as chemical and nuclear weapon experimentation objects. Christians who steadily refuse to conversion are sent to human experimentation . If I can ask pastor Scott to add testimony: ( after 3 minute 28 seconds)

-Summary execution inside North Korean concentration camps-
Each night, some number of people receive summary execution. If I can add an explanation, In the dark and small room, the decision is made by North Korean way by few soldiers secretly and execution is made by squeezing neck by special tool made of cord.

-Public execution inside North Korea-
The public execution may you have seen once or twice on TV, and..-Prisoners used as a martial art training toy-

-Prisoners used as a surgery toys-..
There is no anesthesia in surgery exercise, for women It's atrocities of shouldn't happen (for they do evil violence..)

-Orphans of North Korea-

Thank you Pastor Scott Hocker and people of your church gracious for your mind and prayer about North Korean people , sincerely.. JONGHYUK LEE

Phone : 827042363835 Address : 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,669,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,South Korea
Posted by:EDITH
4/18/2018 7:16:38 AM
Please pray for healing for my dear friend who is having heart problem. He has been in and out with doctors regarding his heart.
4/12/2018 10:24:02 PM
Please pray for my family and friends that they have a way to You Lord.
Posted by:EDITH
4/8/2018 8:13:10 AM
Prayers please. My hay fever is so bad this year. My nose, eyes, ears, are all so very itchy even after taking two Claritin already. My nose runs constantly that it has developed polyps. Thank you.
4/3/2018 4:44:36 PM
Please pray for two patients I met this week. Lawrence is having back surgery and is also experiencing kidney failure and walking issues. Kimwona has brain cancer and will have surgery soon at UCLA. Both of them are in their 30’s and are amazing. They touched my heart and I ask for healing for both.
4/2/2018 3:11:22 PM
My daughter Dawn has pneumonia after her bout with the Flu. Send prayers please. I am in Pahrump for a couple days to help her. Send prayers I stay well too! Thank you. Marie B
Posted by:TROY
4/2/2018 12:28:49 PM
Personal matters. Please pray for a break-thru.
4/2/2018 11:27:16 AM
Todays prayer is for myself, you know God we’ve talked about it all night I needed this morning.
3/26/2018 11:27:21 AM

Verna Williams – prayer for strength in the Lord.

Jeff McPherson - MY dad is going to a pulminologist, and I'll be going to Dallas.

Vanessa Braunstein – My mom’s white blood cell’s are still high, and my friend Is 6 months pregnant, ultra sound shows baby has 1 artery to heart. Please pray.

Marilyn Gordon’s - Prayer for my neighbor Nancy.

Karlene Fisher’s - Her family is in town for her nephew’s service.

Linda Johnson - Prayer for her health.

Ken and Yollie - Prayer as they will be traveling home this week.

Matt Coyle – Testing for job possibilities.

Christine Schroeder’s - My brother-in-law fell and broke his right clavicle and left thumb and is in a cast.

Frankie Martinez – He is 21 years old, has cancer, and is a friend of Adam Furrow.

Praying for our:
Church, leadership and our members.
Country and President.
Additional workers for church.
Donna – family, finances, mom.
Rosa’s friend Manuel – 6th security.
Rescue Mission Bags next Sunday.
Judy’s health.
Posted by:GLEN
3/24/2018 5:47:29 PM
Please pray for me. So many matters. Thank you.
3/19/2018 10:49:51 PM
Please pray for my healing. I struggle with sins, anxiety and CODs, Thank you.
3/19/2018 2:40:46 PM
Dearest anonymous from March 17, 2018,
I just want you to know that I am praying for you. I want you to know that as God leads He goes before us and accomplished all that He wants us to do. He has never promised it would be easy though. If it were easy there would be no value to the work, no worth of the time, no worship in the energy. I'm not saying we should always seek the hardest most difficult course for the Lord. Or that He only puts adversity in our life. Instead He allows many things He thinks will grow us as His children and His kingdom. I will add this, is what you were doing really led by the Lord? It's what you spend the time God gives you worthy? If you can say yes to both, may God revive your heart! May the Lord establish you and all that you do. Read Psalms 1.......If you can find yourself saying amen to the entire thing the Word says, and what you are endeavoring to do is worthy and led by the Lord. Then I have every reason to believe you will be successful, and you can save your towel to wipe the sweat from your brow. I'm so looking forward to read the praise you share of what God has done for you.
In love, Pastor Scott
3/16/2018 9:51:05 PM
Friday Evening. I don't usally post but I am having a rough time lately. Different advanced job duties, poor sleep due to stress, prepared alot for a work presentation in front of important people and I bombed, physically drained, my gut feels horrible, I even passed on something I usually enjoy because I'm drained. Because I'm vulnerable emotionally I'm more insecure and frustrated with God. I have prayed for strength to get through this but I'm close to throwing in the towel, so very, very close!
3/13/2018 9:35:32 AM
3/10/2018 12:52:08 PM

Warren Snap – going to court on Thursday, praying for judge to have mercy.

Don/Christine McCormick – Don’s grandmother died over weekend.

Brittany Furrow – Her grandmother died over weekend, and her brother Josh is recuperating from his surgery.

Jeff McPherson – Stress at work.

Kali Woods – It's very stressful trying to manage school/work and now she’s trying to get sick.

Jack Anderson for good health.

Marilyn Gordon’s neighbor, Nancy, is being treated for her cancer, having problems with tubes, she is depressed and losing hope, they are now talking about removing the entire lung, Surgery was at 3:45 pm Tuesday. Please keep her husband in prayer, Mike.

Jean Drury – fell again, landed on bar on walker and bruised her chest.

Kathleen Love – Now on a new medication that's making her very tired.

Donna Enos – Unspoken prayer for the family.

Maria Diaz – Salvation for Richard Talley and Venezuela.

Jacob McQueen – For the healing of Leonard McQueen.

Linda Selby – Praying for a promotion at work to a Trainer.

Linda Johnson – Prayer for her health.

DHBC Prayers for:

More workers at our church.

A New Music Director,

Jim and Michelle are traveling back to Wisconsin.

For Jesus’ family.
3/9/2018 11:55:07 AM
Please pray for my friend Justin may he find peace and salvation.
3/7/2018 10:38:12 PM
Prayers for the Lord to let those people know how we can help more in our church. Prayers for families salvation and health.
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